Lighting Control System

Enables savings of over 40% of high voltage lighting electricity consumption, as result of a more accurate operation, monitoring and continuous repair of the desired amount of light in real time

  • Gathering of parameters such as: KW, working time, ignitions numbers, status presentation, temperature, etc.
  • Controlling and monitoring abilities at the single bulb level.
  • Performing actions of turning on, turning off and dimming of a single bulb and /or a group of bulbs.
  • Correcting the amount of light, according to the amount of light measured in various areas of a defined space, and delivering dimming commands to groups of bulbs.
  • Supporting several ballast types simultaneously.
  • Presenting last power value measured for given ballast.
  • Working according to organizational or departmental work patterns.

Analyzing and understanding the cost of lighting electricity consumption

  • Graph presentation of total electricity consumption (from date/time to date/time) for a single bulb or a group of bulbs.
  • Cost report for a date range, according to an average KWH cost.
  • Over heating of faulty bulbs and/or communication problems with bulbs.
  • Reports and graphs presenting electricity consumption savings achieved by using Catom-Lighting Management system.
  • Preventive maintenance reports.


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