Energy Management System

Analyzing and understanding the cost of electricity consumption

  • Daily presentation of electricity consumption for each TOU period and for all three periods together.
  • Cost reports for a date range which include the following data for each TOU period: previous reading, current reading, total consumption, total cost for a specific TOU period and total cost for all TOU periods. Available in NIS and US Dollars currencies.
  • Defining alerts for each channel regarding TOU data. receiving alerts of channels which do not measure electricity consumption, perform inverse measure, etc.
  • Reports which assist in preparing electricity budgets for the following year.
  • Defining calculated channel groups (groups that their consumption value is calculated using a mathematical formula which defines various relations between consumptions of real existing field channels).
  • Producing an energy balance report for each group of channels which meets the required definitions.

Continuous real time monitoring of momentary data

  • The system utilises distributed reading services which enable gathering of the following electric parameters: V, I, PF, KW, KWh, Angle,KVar, KVA, KVarh and KVAh (varies according to meter type).
  • Support of several meter types simultaneously.
  • Presentation of value of last readings from the measuring point, immediately upon selecting a channel.
  • Production of various reports based on the information stored in the database.
  • Defining notifications for each channel and each phase. receipt of an immediate notification by email and/or SMS when read value deviates from the defined thresholds.
  • Presentation of power factor and peak demand graphs for each measuring point, on a daily basis.

Preparing loading bills

  • Managing a tree structure which presents distribution of meters in the organization in a simple and clear manner for any user.
  • Managing loading tables for each measurement channel (physical and calculated).
  • Setting types of tariffs for each measuring channel.
  • Producing bills for all relevant personnel.

Efficient information sharing between various users in the organization

  • Creating and distributing alerts and reports in a simple and automatic manner among various users.
  • Receiving information from external systems.
  • Operating the software using a standard Microsoft Internet Explorer browser - no need for special installations on users' computers.
  • Providing the option to view information according to need and level of authorization.
  • Interfacing with various meters and producing reports and bills in an easy and simple manner from one central location only.


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