Executive Summary

Catom Energy offers a comprehensive control and management solution for enterprise lighting. By using the Catom Energy solution, organizations can save more than a third of their light energy consumption and create a greener environment.


The Market - Let There Be Light 

Energy consumption from electric light is continuously growing in the world. It was estimated that in 2005 this energy cost users $234B in USA, out of which 73% is for industrial, out door and commercial use (OECD/IEA, 2006). By using Catom Energy solution the potential annual savings can exceed $80B.


HID lighting provides high quality and low cost lighting for industrial, commercial and outdoor use. Currently, electronic high intensity discharge (HID) ballasts are 10% of the HID market. During the next 2-5 years most of the magnetic ballasts will be replaced with new electronic ballasts.


The Company

Minicy Catom was founded in 1998 and has been involved with large scale projects for control and monitoring of energy meters since its creation. In 2004, the company collaborated with Metrolight, on a large project for ISCAR, and created the first comprehensive management solution in the world that controls over 2000 electronic HID ballasts.


Catom Energy is being created in order to focus on light-energy management solutions.


Catom Energy already has in existence projects and successful installations in several companies and organizations worldwide, including: Ford U.S.A., Leyland Trucks, ISCAR and Israel’s Airport Authority. On these projects, Catom Energy has collaborated with leading integrators such as: GE Light Fixtures, Metrolight and JBP.

In Catom Energy, we are dedicated to providing the most advanced energy saving solutions to our customers.


The Team

The leading team is comprised of Minicy Catom’s cofounders Mr. Israel (Srul) Meirovich and Mr. Yair Schaffer who have over 10 years of experience in creating software applications and managing complex projects for the energy market.

The Product

Catom Light management System (CLMS) is a comprehensive solution for light management. The solution can be implemented on small single building configurations and up to tens of thousands bulbs.

The product comes in two of different configurations:

  • Stand-alone system – allows users to control a single group of lights (up to 500). This is the ideal solution for a medium size factory that wishes to save energy.
  • Distributed system - provides users with a single, central management solution that can control and manage multiple sites that are in various buildings and distributed geographically. This system offers a highly effective solution for larger organizations and translates to even greater savings in both energy and maintenance costs.


Key benefits

  • Save money, save energy and keep our environment green.
  • A comprehensive solution for lighting systems with a central management interface.
  • Highly scalable solution supporting small, medium, large, and very large installations.
  • Advanced installation tools for system integrators (2-3 patents in the Provisioning process)
  • A simple user interface enables a smooth and quick assimilation process.


Over the Horizon

Organizations are seeking a unified solution for management and energy control including, areas such as electricity, water, gas, heat, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC) etc. In the future, Catom Energy will be able to expand its product offering to encompass these areas as well. A number of projects in electricity metering have already proven the concept.

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